As it turns out, Japan not only makes incredible sports bikes but also plenty of cool cruisers that are easily more attractive than a Harley Davidson.

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by Michael Weyer

In the motorcycle world, cruisers can have a tricky reputation. Many “serious” bikers prefer great hogs while others enjoy high-speed machines. Yet cruisers are popular for offering a tremendous sleek performance well suited for long road trips. Harley-Davidson has long led the way in terms of top-notch cruisers, but seeing some of that power face with the company’s fortunes faltering in the last few years. This has led international companies to step up, especially in Japan.

Harley-Davidson said it is eliminating 700 jobs this year

Given this is a nation already producing beautiful motorcycles, it’s no shock Japan has its share of great cruisers. A few are classics that stand tall with any U.S. machine while others are less known yet offer excellent performance. Here are ten Japanese cruisers that put any Harley machine to shame and worth tracking down in the U.S.

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