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Bikers Against Child Abuse Escorts Child Abuse Victims To Court

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) a non-profit and  an international organization based in the U.S. has gained popular support because of its advocacy and program to recruit volunteer bikers that create and provide a system of support for kids who are victims of abuse.

They have been working this program for the last twenty years and are now earning due recognition and commendation for the support they provide, especially for abused children.

BACA organizations are present and operate all over the world in places like New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United States. The members are well-trained and undergo background checks.

They go through extensive training in managing and handling sensitive situations and cases. This organization of motorcyle lovers is creative and adept in creating child sensitive and friendly programs.

One of the more famous traditions is giving “child victims” their own names and BACA vests. They assist the abused children by extending up close supervision and security, and watch over those who are afraid to go back to their homes for fear of their abusers.

In some instances, BACA members assist abused children in court especially those who are afraid to testify on the witness stand. They have been doing, and will continue to do, this noble act for free.

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The members are so generous that sometimes they shell out money from their pocket to buy clothes for sexually abused children in attempts to boost the youth’s confidence.

BACA’s advocacy as a volunteer group has become widely known especially in countries they are present. They are now better known among children and the young particularly those who experienced abuse, and they have tagged the term “nobody messes with bikers”.

They are branded as courageous and defenders of children who feel powerless and helpless in their families and in their society.

There was this case of a young boy back in 1995, attended by Professor John Paul Lilly, a clinical social worker, in which the boy experienced so much bullying outside that he was too afraid to leave his house.

The professor could understand that the boy was abused, but  he got the Bikers protecting him and befriended him and eventually allowed him to feel secure again and regain his confidence and self-esteem.

Bikers became the boy’s family and gave him back what he lost as a child, the utmost security, love, protection and care.

BACA bikers have soft spots for kids according to Lilly who was a biker himself and been riding since he was a teenager.

Lilly figured that some of the bikers also experienced abuses in the past at that point in their lives.

Now they  want to step in to help the children who experience the same and  provide necessary protection for these children especially those who have never  experienced love and care in their families.

This act of the bikers is nothing  but becoming something inherent and natural for them because of  similar experiences.

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BACA becomes greatly known because of this special advocacy and protective program for children.

A lot of people  around the world support them and believe in them because of their courage and noble act to help the abused children around the globe.

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