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Dear Harley-Davidson- WTF is with you

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Dear Harley-Davidson,

It’s me, Sabrina. I know we haven’t spoken in a while, but you know how things go. Life gets in the way and months go by without you noticing. All of a sudden, you’re halfway through the year and you don’t know where the time has gone. I’m writing today because I wanted to check up on you.

I might not have been in touch much recently, but I’ve been watching and it looks like you’re going through a rough patch. On top of all the things that are happening, being dropped from the index of biggest American companies must have been a bit of a blow to your ego. You’re a big part of the whole Americana culture and your name on the big 500 list cemented that. You were the only motorcycle manufacturer on the S&P, and that probably meant something.

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Though it might not be the worst news we’ve received about you recently, it’s just another line added to the list of things that aren’t going in your favor at the moment. I think you can agree that the report about you asking for yet another loan is a little alarming.

I know we don’t always agree, and that your vision and mine don’t align. Remember, however, that if I’m hard on you, it’s because I care. I’m not your target audience and I don’t feel like I belong to your world, but that doesn’t mean I want anything bad to happen to you. Maybe I’m being a too naïve and idealistic, but I’d love to see you become the kind of brand I’d buy into. I don’t know if you have that capacity, but I’m an optimist and I’m rooting for you.

The planners of the Leesburg Bikefest got it right. With a big rig convoy, bike shows, live performers, car shows and hot body contests, it is a winning combination that is hard to beat.

Not everyone agrees that your “return to basics” strategy is the right one, but for what it’s worth, I get it. Right now, it’s not a bad thing to focus on what you know and do best. Though it might be slowly withering, you have a loyal following and you should rely on them right now; they’re your support system. By validating their loyalty, they’ll help you stay above water while you figure out how to build yourself up, 21st Century style. Because ultimately, you will need to.

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