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Georgia Down Biker Fund helping victim injured in Richmond Hill motorcycle crash

A 26-year-old man was injured last week in a motorcycle crash in Richmond Hill..

It happened on Wednesday night on U.S. Highway 17 near the Mulberry subdivision in Richmond Hill. Two other vehicles were also involved.

Now, a local biker organization is stepping in to help the victim and his family.

The list goes on as Georgia Down Biker Fund CEO Kathy Vogeley reads off the names of bikers they’ve helped since they took over the fund in 2014.

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“We’ve helped 50 people in the last five years we’re going into our 6th year this year,” said Vogeley.


Many of the bikers have either died or been seriously injured, with Richmond Hill resident Kyle Pierce being the first one of 2020.

“We pay them $300 and it’s not to fix your motorcycle, it’s not to pay medical bills, it’s to help the family out, it’s immediate cash so that your wife can get back and forth to the hospital so there’s groceries on the table for the kids or maybe pay an electric bill.”

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Vogeley says there were no rules to receive assistance when this fund started, so she knew they had to change that.

“They have to have a valid motorcycle license, they have to have insurance on their motorcycle, the accident cannot be any fault of their own, they cannot be cited by police.”


Whether it be the biker wave or helping a stranded biker on the side of the road, the motorcycle community is one that never leaves anybody behind and is always looking to lend a hand.

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“Motorcycle community is huge, bikers always help bikers whether it’s Honda, Harley, Indian or Victory,” said Shug Phillips, Indian Motorcycle sales rep.

She says their goal is to eventually cover the entire state of Georgia.

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