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Members of a motorcycle club called Jokers M/C wanted to give back to their community. So they thought, what’s better than giving a kid a bike?

Christine Kanerva, Catherine Emery

The Jokers, members of a motorcycle club called Jokers M/C Roscommon, wanted to give back to their community. So they thought, what’s better than giving a kid a bike?

“Kids of bikes turn into brothers on bikes eventually,” says Robert Allen, also referred to as Gadget, and president of the Jokers M/C of Roscommon.

The Jokers started collecting bikes two years ago, donating them to New Lyfe Restoration Bicycle Ministry.

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“He gives bikes to kids who are less fortunate, their parents don’t have a lot of money, bikes are the last thing on their mind, so he tries to make sure all of the kids have bikes,” Allen says.

New Lyfe uses the parts from the donated bikes to build new bikes for kids in need.

Vice President of the club John Dearing says, “I see a lot of bikes in scrap yards and I just think what a waste and I know that somebody out there could use them for parts or kids that don’t have any.”

In December, the Jokers reached their 500 mark on bikes donated to New Lyfe.

“Making a kid smile, making them happy, that’s what it’s all about,” Allen says.

Making sure every kid has the opportunity to love their two wheels just as much as they do.

Dearing says, “When we get on motorcycles it’s the freedom. And I’m assuming that now a days when kids get on bikes its freedom too.”

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“We’re in God’s country you need to be out on a bicycle or a bike, motorcycle,” Allen says.

If you would like to help the Jokers give even more kids in need a chance to ride, you can drop off a donated bike at their clubhouse: 5918 E West Branch Rd Saint Helen, MI,  48656. Or call (989) 942-0946.

Bikes can also be donated directly to New Lyfe directly. Click here to learn more.

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