Myrtle Beach Bike Week spring rally will officially kick off Monday.

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by Donovan Harris-wpde

There will be quite a few motorcycles on the South Strand this week.

That’s because the Myrtle Beach Bike Week spring rally will officially kick off Monday.

The rally was originally scheduled in May but was rescheduled to July because of the coronavirus. Some bikers at an event Sunday said they’re not very concerned about the spread of the virus.

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“There’s protests going on all over the United States and ain’t nobody worried about it. We ain’t out here kissing each other,” said Nate Meade.

This is the first bike rally in the middle of a pandemic, but bikers added they’re still looking forward to the week ahead.

“[It’s] a good gathering, good people and it’s always a good time,” Meade said.

Other Bike Week participants had their opinions about concerns over the potential spike in coronavirus cases after this week.

“It’s going to have to take its course. The more people that get it, it’s probably better,” said biker Kerry White. “You can’t lock yourself in a closet. You’ve got to keep living.”

Another Bike Week attendee agreed.

“I’m going to live my life,” Candi Nichols said. “I’m going to enjoy myself because I have to have a good time. At the same time, I have to live. I’m not going to stay home.”

Nichols shared she will wear a mask while in group settings.

Members of a local motorcycle club and the Sanford Health Foundation teamed up to raise money to send pediatric cancer patients and survivors to camp.

Some said Bike Week is important for the economy.

“This is good for the morale and businesses down here. If not, are you going to collapse the economy?,” Charles Klingberg asked.

A North Carolina resident said she’s cautious because she tested positive for the coronavirus some time ago.

“You always have to know that if you’re going to come out, there’s always that risk. I went out and I got it and there’s always a risk. If you don’t want it don’t go out,” Grace Smith said.

Horry County officials said Myrtle Beach Bike Week will be held July 13th through July 19th.

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