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Not a single motorcycle will turn as many heads as a well-modified Chopper. Here are some amazing facts many motorcycle lovers never knew about them

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by James

Those who take the plunge into motorcycling for the first time will be inundated with options for various bikes. There are categories for every type of rider: the relaxed, the speed-freak, and everything in between. One section that (in our view) has been neglected as of late are those of the classic Choppers.

This is exactly why motorcycle club protocol exists, so stop crying about it

The flashy sportbikes and alluring top speed tests are tempting for a lot of us, but do not forget the Choppers. There are a lot of reasons to love them, especially after you ride one for the first time. In fact, we’ve come up with a list of fifteen interesting facts about choppers that’ll make you want one right now!

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