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Real Bikers Steer Clear Of These Motorcycles

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by Jason Bagnall

While the following bikes may not be suitable for members of various motorcycle clubs, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a charm of their own.

The planners of the Leesburg Bikefest got it right. With a big rig convoy, bike shows, live performers, car shows and hot body contests, it is a winning combination that is hard to beat.

American Bikers, especially people involved in MC Clubs have particular tastes. Sometimes they like certain styles and series, other times they won’t touch them if you pay them. They are a particular and fickle lot. Basically most want an American V-Twin powered cruiser and other styles don’t appeal to them.

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Harley-Davidson spent years catering to the image of the biker, but they made enough missteps along the way that it could cost them their business if they make a few more marketing errors. Basically, to sell bikes to bikers, the manufacturers have to stay within certain parameters.

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