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Sturgis Business are getting ready for the 80th Annual Biker Rally

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
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STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) – The 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is less than a month away, and businesses are getting ready for the rush.

The owner of the Grocery Mart, Ryan Meyer, says rally week is typically three times busier than the rest of the year.

“We start filling our store up about now. About three weeks out. So we’re getting ready for a normal rally. We have every indication that it’s going to be as busy as it always is,” says Meyer.

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When it comes to staff, it’s all hands on deck, and Meyer says he will almost double his usual staff.

“We’re going to have someone on the whole day that will constantly wipe down carts, handles, cash register, credit card machines anywhere that people commonly touch,” says Meyer.

And at Black Hills Rally & Gold staff is preparing like they usually would, but with extra caution.

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“So we’re wearing masks at this time to try and ensure that all of our employees continue to be healthy and can get through the rally. We’re going to be a little short-staffed, so we need everybody to stay healthy,” says the owner of Black Hills Rally & Gold, Robin Baldwin.

Baldwin says they have outside locations during the rally where they sell merchandise, and they’re preparing to get those places set up.

They’re also working on wholesale orders.

“Getting products out to people now that they know there is going to be a rally. There’s been a lot more demand, so that’s all stuff. And there’s always all of the things that you do as far as accommodating that many people, a lot more staff, a lot more registers, a lot more credit card machines everything that goes along with having more locations,” says Baldwin.

Sturgis’ city manager said the city has hired around the same number of first responders as in past years for the 80th annual motorcycle rally that starts Aug. 7

Both stores will continue to take proper precautions to keep their staff and customers safe.

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