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The biker lifestyle, it’s not all cookies and ice cream. Who are the star witnesses at trials? Most turn out to be members from their own club. Is that brotherhood

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

I had some very interesting thoughts before writing this editorial, mainly because all the bitching from some mc members, about our bike news coverage. The overall reaching theme of the bitching was, “Why do you keep printing the articles that put motorcycle clubs in a bad light?” It’s funny, they are the ones in the news, but it’s our fault for printing it, is that what they consider common sense? Here’s an idea for those bitching about the biker news portion of the website, “Stay out of the fucking news!” It’s no ones fault but your own, don’t project your bullshit on others. You fucked up in most cases, own it, then learn from it. It’s like, do you have any idea how bad it makes you look, crying about the biker news?

Shit, you have creators whining about it, others trying to suck the MC scenes cock, just to win favor. Yeah, I support motorcycle club rights; I sure the hell don’t support what some of their members do. Who the hell would support a group of club members busted for distribution of meth? Let’s be honest and real for a minute. Clubs who engage in the meth business have no right to ask for independents help, on issues related to motorcycle club profiling. If motorcycle clubs cannot disavow a club member over that, it’s all on them, when the heat comes down.

Are the 1% dominant motorcycle clubs, at fault for the resentment against them? Is the basis for protocol relevant anymore; especially when it’s abused, by those who claim tradition is important.

Let’s pursue this point a little more, something I’ve never understood. What the hell do you think is going to happen when someone goes down for this kind of stuff? Most often these crimes carry heavy prison sentences, many times in these cases, we see members turning on each other all the time. Here’s where my question comes in. Why in the hell would you trust anyone if you’re going to get into the trade? Why, because they wear your clubs colors? That right there is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard of. How’s that working out for the clubs who’ve went down for those types of crimes? Yeah, nine times out of ten, those clubs go down with the help of their so-called brothers. Sure, five years most people can do, what about the ten and twenty five to life? It’s almost set in stone, someone is going to start singing when they reach those marks, brother or not.


You would be a fool to think this lifestyle is all cookies and ice cream. I hear it all the time, why only put out mostly bad stuff about motorcycle clubs? Well, we are a news publication, one that is legally registered as a news agency and it’s our job. The biker lifestyle, especially the MC scene isn’t all about toy runs and charity giving, hats off to those who make it about that. Point being, the MC lifestyle is hard, it often ends up with members dying young. These people die at an early age from heart attacks and other physical ailments. Why? Because it’s a lifestyle that puts your body through the wringer. It’s also a lifestyle in which you will face daily obstacles, such as police profiling and having to watch your back, from the same people who you call brother. Just keeping it real, I hate seeing people portray the lifestyle as a damn utopia of brotherhood, especially when in most cases it’s just the opposite.

Am I saying all clubs are like this? No, not saying this at all. I’m being real because many people go into that lifestyle, thinking it’s nothing but brotherhood and riding. Put it this way, when I was in a club, they had more drama and politics than the US Government. Yes, it’s that bad, don’t let anyone tell you any different. Does this drama happen in all the clubs? No, but the majority of clubs you might run into some form of it. It’s human nature to have drama, it keeps life interesting. People who are thinking about joining clubs need to know this though. Social media and some of these other platforms, have people saying, we should be talking about just the positives in the scene. What? There are always two sides of the story, not just the rose side of things. In order for people to make an informed decision, they need to hear all sides, not just the good.

Both sides of the story is actually good for the scene

Personally, my thoughts are both sides of the story are what people need to hear. If people only hear the good about something, they will be taking off guard when a situation arises. What good does that do for anyone, if you’re trying to educate them? You know what’s even better for the motorcycle club scene? You don’t waste your time prospecting someone who doesn’t know what the whole scene is about. I know, numbers are a big thing nowadays, but do you really want members who are ignorant about what could happen? What good could ever come from that?

Kinfolk Motorcycle Club, once a parody, now a legitimate force in the motorcycle club scene.

When it comes to the internet, especially from these so-called biker experts, watch what the hell you’re doing. Most of these so-called biker experts want to stroke your cock! They are into it for the money, they will only present a story if it gets them some clicks. Screw that, I love the scene, this is why we are always straight up. You will never find us sucking on any one clubs cock, just isn’t the way we roll. If there is a problem in the scene, such as motorcycle club profiling, we must look at both sides. For example, What caused the cops to target the club? Did the club do something to invite that profiling? Questions like these can help solve the problem, but not until people get serious about solving it. Crying and whining about club profiling isn’t going to bring people to your cause, especially when they hear about violence or dealing.

Why the traditional motorcycle clubs are losing support.

I’ve talked about this time and time again. Motorcycle Clubs are losing support at a rate I never thought possible. Why is this? For one, people are no longer convinced, the way the big clubs are doing stuff is working. Secondly, people are sick and tired of the lifestyle being defined as something bad. These are some valid arguments to debate, unfortunately a debate is all it ever will be. My reasoning are simple, why it will only remain a debate. There are two worlds, one being the internet, the other the real world. Unless there is a major shift, things will always remain the same. This lifestyle has been defined decades ago, to think changing it anytime soon will never happen.

Has there been movement in changing it? Yes, there has been. Someone looking at the changes in regards to protocol can see it right away. More and more people are skipping the traditional route of starting a motorcycle club, something I don’t see changing anytime soon. This change in starting a motorcycle club has spread like wildfire across the nation, fueling the pattern of people disregarding traditional protocol. The issue then becomes, when the dominants push back, a situation where these people side with LEO clubs. When these start-up clubs join with LEO, they also push back on the internet, spreading the hate against traditional clubs. One thing I don’t understand, why not just put a one piece patch on? There is nothing wrong with a one piece patch riding club, so it does confuse me, especially when you wouldn’t be involved in politics.

If I’m in a motorcycle club, should I support a motorcycle club member who goes to jail? Does it matter what the club brother did to go to jail?

Closing out, the one thing you should get out of this piece, the biker lifestyle isn’t cookies and ice cream. Things can get real serious on the street, something that can happen in a blink of an eye. Do not let people tell you its all positive, this shit isn’t the case at all, it’s a serious business being in a club. What are your thoughts? Is being a biker about all cookies and ice cream? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!!

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  1. Spooky

    Being club is most definitely not cookies and ice cream but it’s not all bad either. If you go into it with open eyes it can be the most rewarding thing you will ever do. If you go into it with dreams of being the next Jax Teller and changing the club or being some kind of biker legend like Sonny or Taco you’re going to be sorely disappointed. It truly is a case of you get out what you put in. Unfortunately politics have become a major part of clubs nowadays and I don’t just mean intra-club relationships I mean within the club’s themselves. I’ve seen clubs break into factions and “brother” turn against “brother” in my personal opinion it’s always been because of the numbers thing. More members doesn’t always make you stronger, there is such a thing as political recruitment.

    For anyone trying to start a pop up I would ask why ? Is there something that you think that you can do better than clubs who have been around since the 40s, 50s and 60s ? There’s not. They have it all worked out and have been playing this game for a long time. Wearing a “first 6” tab or whatever means precisely shit when you get out on the scene and you get looked in the eyes by a man who has gone to prison for his brothers or lost a son in a never ending war. If you don’t understand that then put on that one piece patch and go ride, its not a game. You will give up everything to find true brotherhood and as I said before if you do find it then it’s a feeling that most will never know. But always remember that a true brother is hard to come by because 99% of people think they can make the commitment and take everything that comes with it but they can’t and let me tell you – that will be the first motherfucker to call you “brother”.

    I don’t agree with everything Hollywood said because there is a disproportionate amount of news for how many of us there are … Agree to disagree. However, anyone complaining about police harassment while doing the “typical biker” shit like selling Meth needs to understand that if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes. This isn’t the Mafia or MS13 or the Crips, it’s an ideology of free men who come together to ride motorcycles and form an unbreakable bond. It speaks to me that the most solid club I’ve ever met were military and ex military, shared experience and a true understanding of what brotherhood actually means bonds them tighter than any Tom, Dick and Harry who throw together a club in their garage and decide to try scam on chicks at the weekend by proving they’re a big, bad biker.

    In closing I would like to say that this article spoke to me a lot, I may not agree with all of it but there were some truths that people need to hear. If you look at your club and you don’t know that one brother and he doesn’t seem to like you then it’s not real. If you look at your club and can’t remember a time that your brother helped you out of a jam (a real one not jump starting your Prius) then it’s not real. If you look at your club and you haven’t spent so much time together on the road that you know when your “brother’s” bike is fucked, it’s not real. If you’re not ready to give up EVERYTHING (and I know some of you are thinking “I don’t give a fuck I’ll give up everything in a hot minute – you’re what’s wrong, you haven’t taken your time to consider it and you weren’t prospected properly) then go join a one piece, an RC or whatever. There’s nothing wrong with that ! I don’t know a damn person in the scene who looks down upon RCs or riding clubs, not one – if anything they get more respect for knowing their limitations and I know i’d damn sure rather invite an RC to my party than a bunch of dudes playing biker and being “badass”. The RC dudes are gonna buy my drink and get to know me, the “badasses” are going to pull their face into a scowl all night and cause problems.

    Sorry for the long rant but I appreciate the outlet and I would like to thank Hollywood for hosting my thoughts and opinions.

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