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These popular Japanese cruiser bikes will out-power and out-handle Harley-Davidson’s motorcycles.

Yamaha Star Raider 1900 XV1900S
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By Jason Bagnall

We’ve put together a list of powerful cruisers that outpower, and outhandle popular competing Harley-Davidsons. Not everyone is content with a maximum of 75 H.P. from a motorcycle. Sometimes people want to go fast. Unlike Harley-Davidson cycles that may require quite a few aftermarket parts installed to make the bike significantly faster, these bikes are fast as they come from the manufacturer.

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Some of these cruisers make well over 90+ H.P. at the rear wheel without any changes whatsoever to the bike. Add a turbo or a shot of nitrous oxide and some of these bikes could complete the quarter-mile in the same time as a 600 C.C. supersport motorcycle.

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