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This is exactly why motorcycle club protocol exists, so stop crying about it

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

One of the main bitches I hear about is motorcycle club protocol. Many in the biker scene believe anyone should be able to start a club without a dominants blessing. This type of bitching is made by those who have no idea of what the motorcycle club scene is about.

Motorcycle club protocol is designed to keep the peace between clubs as well as keep law enforcement away. Personally, I cannot understand why this simple concept cannot be understood. Maybe it’s because the biker scene is flooded with entitled people who think only about themselves, instead of the whole scene in general.

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Of course, this topic can be debated. One thing for sure is protocol has been misrepresented and used as an excuse by self entitled pricks to start a pop-up club. Sure, most of these pop-up clubs never last. With that said, they are going to damage   the scene while they are running around playing Jax Teller. This is a fact proven time and time again

We’ve been covering an on-going story about Keith Palumbo, a prospect of the Chester County Warlocks who was murdered by his own. The Chester County Warlocks were actually given permission to wear their colors by Donna Morrelli, an ex ole lady of a longtime member. Well, ole man dies and she self appoints Michael DeLuca, a scumbag that just got done serving time for shooting his girlfriend.

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and the State Highway Patrol would like to remind motorcyclists to ride trained and sober

I’ve had many shows on this topic on Motorcycle Madhouse, make sure to go over and give the episodes a listen. After listening to some of the information you will get sick to your stomach, just as I have.

To give you the short of it. Keith Palumbo was led to his death by the hands of his childhood friend Deluca. He was shot in the head and buried in a crypt with another body, reportedly of a prospect of the Chester Warlocks a few years earlier.

This incident has ripped through the motorcycle club scene, bringing public attention to what motorcycle clubs are not, gangsters! From the information we’ve got so far, this chapter was kicked out of the Harpy Warlocks. This being said, this is the reason why it’s important to recognize who’s who. There are currently three factions of the Warlocks, only one of them being recognized by other major clubs. That faction is the Philly Warlocks out of Jersey and Philly.

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The other two factions are Harpy Warlocks that expanded out of Chester County,(The ones who put Chester County out on bad.) the other being a group out of Indiana wearing a black dragon center patch.

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It’s not my place to say who’s legit and who’s not. That is determined by the players in the scene. What is important is how this one chapter has caused pain to a family and heat to come on the scene. These are the type of people who start these pop-up clubs and make clubs look bad. What these people do, is turn citizens against clubs, by their stupid ass actions. Citizens already have a vision of clubs because of that stupid damn show, now they get reinforcement from ass hats like these people.

Once you learn the story of Keith you will know exactly why protocol exists. If you have any intelligence whatsoever, you will see exactly why clubs don’t want this shit with pop-up clubs. Screw you ,entitled ass hats. Earn your way into the scene with some self-respect. Go through the hangaround and prospect process, or go to the dominants if you want to start something. Learn the traditions that come along with wearing that patch. If you’re claiming to be someone, then be it, don’t circumvent something because you want it easy.

Motorcycling culture may bring to mind images of Hells Angels and the hit TV show Sons of Anarchy Bikers unfairly connected to organized crime and gang culture

One of the major reasons legitimate clubs are having so many problems is not of their own making. No, the problems are being caused by two things. The first, Internet Warriors. The second, internet warriors starting these damn pop-up clubs. Let’s talk about how some of these internet warriors are causing issues. One of the biggest things on the internet was some of these truth sites. Truth sites ran by nobodies trying to give their opinions on what’s happening in the scene. Actually, we’ve unmasked some of these people and found out they were making the rounds with the clubs they were bashing on. This is why you might want to rely on a website that doesn’t hide who the creator is. If you’re following something where they are hiding their identity you need to look at a different site.

Volusia County Clerk of the Court Laura Roth will preside over a group wedding on Main Street during Bike Week.

Let me put it blunt. Those who hide behind a keyboard are nothing more than a bunch of cowards. If these people believe so much in what they are doing than state who you are. Pretty reasonable isn’t it?

Biker group shows support for Oklahoma motorcyclist killed in crash with doctor

There are a variety of factors hurting the scene, the above are just a few of them. One thing is for sure, there is a serious need for push back against pop-up clubs and the people who start them.  Hopefully, the clubs who are legit, can get this problem under control before it’s too late.

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