Whether they’re in it for the fun, freedom, or to defy the law, motorcycle clubs have always been incredibly cool – and these old photos are proof!


by Mark Padgett

In 1894, some Germans got together and built the first commercial motorcycle. Indian Motorcycle soon followed in America in 1901. It wasn’t too long after that that a few riders got together and said, “Hey, we should form a club of like-minded individuals that drive motorcycles around in large groups and make people feel uncomfortable.”

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The first motorcycle club – or MC – was born. More than a century later, fictionalized outlaw motorcycle club show Sons of Anarchy captivated millions via pay-cable. In between, was a whole lot of leathery violence and criminal activity, forever enshrining term “biker gang” into the public’s consciousness.

Like most Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs, the Hells Angels exclusively ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Motorcyclists who join clubs are definitely a different breed. Some are in it for the fun. Others like the family-like brotherhood. More than a few are in it for the crime. Nonetheless, the common denominator is that love for the freedom that rolling on two wheels can bring. Here are some photos of MCs throughout the years.

Check out the pics

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