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While Harley-Davidson is the best-known American motorcycle brand, there are plenty of other awesome motorcycles built in the US.

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By Nzilili Sam

When it comes to two-wheeled machines, the United States is known for making some of the most incredible ones. And Harley-Davidson has been on the front line making sure that the US does not lose this trophy. Since 1903 when two friends, William Harley and Arthur Davidson, founded the company, Harley-Davidson has provided the American motorcycle lovers with incredibly powerful cruisers.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles have not only become so popular in the world and the United States, but they have also become a culture. Motorcycle clubs and riding groups have made sure that for ages to come, no one with a genuine interest in motorcycles made in America will ever forget about Harley-Davidson. However, even though they are good, Harley-Davidson motorcycles are far from being the only awesome American two-wheelers. If you doubt this, be sure to try out some of the models mentioned here.

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